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eco-Kit by Linde Material Handling

"Do they do that in electric?" - Anywhere that requires things to be moved precisely, this question will crop up sooner or later - whether for environmental reasons or for reasons of efficiency. It is precisely for these situations that there are "eco-Kits". In three sizes from small to large, these complete solutions exemplify the range of electric drive solutions available from Linde Material Handling. The electric motor, power module and software are perfectly harmonised and can be adapted to the particular application.

Eco-Kit S Eco-Kit M Eco-Kit L
up to 16 kW up to 32 kW up to 50 kW
SMK EM 112 SMK EM 132 SMK EM 160
24 V, 48 V 24 V, 80 V, 120 V 80 V, 120 V
Pick-up Truck, Golf Cart, Secondary Drive KARABAG New 500E, Container Loader YAK60 Cargo Master Loader, Transporter
Aditional components      
Power modules PM AC S50, PM AC S10    
ECU LINC 1, LINC 2    
HMI CEH-20/06, CEH-05    
Central Electric CE-24 V, CE-48 V, CE-80 V    
Diagnosis SW LinDiag    

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