Val Air hybrid sweeper


Hybrid sweeper

Val’Air hybrid sweeper

The road sweeper is propelled by an eco-Kit M. Designed to be deployed in inner city areas and on company premises the vehicle reaches a top speed of 30 km/h which is reduced to 10 km/h in the sweeping mode. In addition here is a small on board combustion engine to operate the brushes and the conveyor band which carries the dust to the collecting container.

Technical data Val' Air Balayeuse hybrid
Electric Drive: Asynchronous Tractio motor IEC132 3 x 48 Volt
  Power: 16,3 kW S3-15 %
  Max. torque: 130 Nm
  Power module PM AC S50 80 V with cooling assembly
  Drive controller LINC 1
  Linde central electric CE - 80 V
  Drive Pedal CEH-20/06
  Drive Direction Switch
Battery: 72 Volt 110 Ah
  Lead acid
  Charging time 8 h
  Range 8 h
Vehicle dimensions: Lenght: 3907 mm without and 5021 mm with brushes
  Width: 1350 mm
  Depth: 2131 mm
  Weight with battery: 1858 kg
  Max. weight: 2358 kg
  Speed: 30 km/h driving, 10 km/h working
Braking system: Standard automotive
  2-way braking system
  Disc brakes front axle
  Drum brakes rear axle
  Mechanical hand brake

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