Lots of energy at little cost

New 500E

Lots of energy at
little cost

Aren’t electric vehicles prohibitively expensive? Definitely not! Any environmentally aware person in Germany can now lease a small electric car for just 299 euros a month – thanks to Linde drive technology in the Karabag New 500E.

Developments in the electric vehicle (EV) sector are moving forward at lightning speed. The Hamburg-based Karabag company has developed a small EV that is competitively priced compared with petrol-engined cars.

“With the New 500E we have succeeded in producing the first small electric car that is not only the most inexpensive of its kind in Germany at this time, but also cheaper than a petrol vehicle,” says electro-pioneer Sirri Karabag. One of the secrets lies in the drive technology, which Karabag developed in collaboration with Linde MH. The entire drive and control system is based on a concept that has already been tried and tested over many years in Linde forklift trucks. The LINC 1 control unit communicates with the on-board computer, the battery management system, a gateway and the dashboard display. The economical and highly efficient electric drive enables the New 500E to run on a comparatively inexpensive lithium polymer battery.

The result certainly stands up to comparison: at a peak performance of 28kW the car has a top speed of up to 105km/h. It accelerates from 0 to 50km/h in 8.5 seconds and has a range of 100km. The New 500E is the ideal city car. It makes perfect sense for a manufacturer of industrial trucks to supply the drive technology for this city runabout, says Maik Manthey, the expert responsible for electronic systems and propulsion technology at Linde Material Handling:
“Anyone can develop electric motors and their individual components. The crucial factors, however, are the system competence and depth of production that we have at Linde Material Handling. And they certainly make us trailblazers for electromobility.”

Customers receive the New 500E with a two-year guarantee. Service is provided nationwide in Germany by 800 service technicians. The numbers speak for themselves: €299 per month, 0 carbon emissions.


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