Industrial truck high-tech meets racing expertise


Industrial truck high-tech meets racing expertise

Italian race kart and rental kart manufacturer CRG and Linde Material Handling’s Electronic Systems and Drives (ES&D) unit have signed a cooperation agreement covering the development and production of electric karts for CRG’s Rent-2-Race program. CRG will design and manufacture the chassis, while ES&D will provide the electric drive systems coming from the series production of Linde industrial trucks and will also assume responsibility for system integration. Furthermore, for use on kart tracks and wireless data transfer the vehicles will be equipped with components enabling vehicle activation via RFID by Linde Connected Solutions. A prototype of the twin-motor 'E-DRENALINE' drive was presented at the International Kart Expo in Offenbach in January and attracted keen interest from trade visitors.

Christopher Sparacino, who heads the Race-to-Rent program, outlines the requirements of CRG: “With the new E-DRENALINE, we want to provide nothing less than the ultimate driving experience on the kart track. This requires power and speed, and the highest possible level of safety at the same time – and all this without exhaust emissions. Moreover, we also have to take account of the fact that no one track is alike and the drivers have different levels of skills. Linde’s drive system provides answers to all these challenges.” In addition, the development of the first electric CRG kart was focussed on compact dimensions, low power consumption, optimal weight distribution and durability – after all, easy handling, low operating costs and robustness are important criteria for kart track operators.

“Formula 1 stars like Schumacher, Rosberg, Hamilton and many others have all started their careers in the CRG racing team. This clearly illustrates the claim CRG is pursuing in the rental kart business too,” explains Maik Manthey, Vice President New Business & Products at Linde Material Handling and thus head of the ES&D and Connected Solutions units. He points out the large variability of electric drives used in Linde industrial trucks: “We can electrify both light and heavy machines as well as cars and vans or, indeed, lightweight vehicles such as this one. In close collaboration with the customer, we develop the right setup for their vehicle concepts – place of installation, mechanical integration, drive control, etc. - and, if necessary, we also link the vehicles with IT.”

Innovative technology for ultimate racing experience – not only on indoor kart tracks

  • Twin-motor drive on the rear axle with electronic differential
  • 2.6 kW rated power output and 6.5 kW peak power per motor
  • Axle torque up to 180 Nm, available from zero speed
  • 100 Ah battery with rated capacity (48 V) with 3,000 recharging cycles guaranteed
  • Battery autonomy up to 60 minutes on one charge
  • Splash-proof motors and drive components (IP65)
  • Three driving modes for experienced and less skilled users
  • Programmable power curve for adjusting the performance to the type of track – more top speed for long tracks, more acceleration power for short ones
  • Programmable braking power through drive motors on the rear axle, mechanical brakes at the front axle

Optimum maintenance and safety thanks to networked vehicles

CRG will be deploying the remote diagnosis software from Linde Connected Solutions which records relevant data from the vehicle control and transfers it to a central server via the GSM network. Thus CRG will be able to monitor the condition of all E-DRENALINE fleets across the globe and carry out any necessary repairs within 24 to 48 hours. In addition, the karts will also be equipped with a special impact sensor as standard. Depending on the level of impact, the kart’s control unit can be programmed so that the vehicle automatically reduces speed, enabling the driver to safely return to the service area. This feature will assist the operators in determining whether or not there was any negligence during the use of the kart and help them to prevent consequential damage to the kart itself.

The first customer to use the new E-DRENALINE kart will be K1 SPEED, one of the world's largest operators of indoor kart tracks. The company runs more than 25 tracks in the USA and plans to open 15 additional karting facilities across North America over the next three years. Series production of the new electric kart is scheduled to start in the middle of this year.

eMotion CRG E-Drenaline eMotion CRG E-Drenaline

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