Higher efficiency, lower CO2 emissions

Cargo Master

Higher efficiency, lower CO2 emissions

Every day at Munich Airport there are roughly 1,100 take-offs and landings – with over 900 tonnes of baggage that have to be moved reliably and safely. Since 2011 the operator has been using a special Laweco Cargo Master container loader that is not driven by a conventional diesel engine, but two Linde electric motors. In combination with state-of-the-art electronics and powerful hydraulics, these drive units enable the Cargo Master to deliver loads of several tonnes to their destinations with centimetre accuracy.

In addition, the operator benefits from low running costs and significantly improved environmental friendliness compared to diesel-powered vehicles. In fact, the annual operating costs are less than half those of a conventional vehicle, while noise and exhaust emissions are eliminated altogether. The Laweco Cargo Master delivers full power at the press of a button, transforming power into movement efficiently and sustainably with Linde technology.


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