Forty years strong

E-forklift trucks

Forty years strong

Linde Material Handling (MH) has been producing battery-powered forklift trucks for more than forty years. The current highlights are the new E20 to E50 series of Linde electric forklift trucks.

The first battery-powered forklift truck by Linde Material Handling The first battery-powered forklift truck by Linde Material Handling

In 1971 Linde MH presented its first battery-powered forklift truck at the HANNOVER MESSE, expanding its range of special applications. The electric forklift truck was seen as a silent and emission-free alternative to trucks with internal combustion engines. Initially, however, these E-Trucks did not appear able to compete with the power of a diesel-engined IC-Truck. Linde made the decisive step forward in the early 1980s when power electronics swept the market and made it possible to control electric motors with far greater precision. Sales of E-Trucks have continued to rise as the gap with IC-Trucks has closed in terms of maximum load, lifting speed and handling rate.

Battery-powered forklift trucks with Electrical control of mast functions via joystick Electrical control of mast functions via joystick

The forklift truck market is booming. As the size and number of distribution centres and warehouses has increased, the entire logistics industry has had to rapidly adapt and respond in a flexible way. More goods and less room also mean narrower manoeuvring spaces. Precise working to millimetre accuracy has become essential. In 1995 Linde put the Linde Load Control on the market, an electrical system for controlling all mast functions with the aid of a joystick. This technical innovation enabled extremely sensitive operation, and high-precision working became child’s play. The Linde Load Control very quickly became the benchmark for the entire industry – and although its visual appearance has often been copied, its functionality has never been equalled.

Linde took another major step forward in 2002 with the changeover from series and shunt DC motors to asynchronous AC motors. Today, with the new motors, Linde electric forklifts achieve a similar performance to trucks with internal combustion engines.

The small E12 to E20 models, which were launched in 2006, offer various features, including two-motor front-wheel drive, onboard charging unit and traction control.

The large E20 to E50 trucks that came on the market in 2011 represent the current state of the art. Among other things, these models also offer an automatic parking brake, remaining battery operating time indicator and active battery ventilation. These series and their outstanding technological innovations have enabled Linde MH to become the market leader in electric forklift trucks in Germany and Europe.


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