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Frank M. Rinderknecht ist Geschäftsführer der Rinspeed AG

A revolution in short journeys – that’s the claim being made for the microMAX. This electric-powered concept car from Rinspeed is designed to combine private and public short-haul transportation. The Swiss think tank has modern car-sharing in mind: car-sharers make an appointment via an app and travel together. microMAX – the car to go with the app.Only 3.60 m long, but 2.20 m high and equipped with special space-saving upright seats with seat belts for passengers, the vehicle enables a driver plus three passengers to travel safely through the city.

Frank M. Rinderknecht ist the CEO of Rinspeed AG Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO Rinspeed AG

“Why is there only one person per car?”

Frank M. Rinderknecht, CEO of Rinspeed, talks about the idea behind the microMAX.

How did you come to develop this vehicle?

Take a look at rush-hour traffic. In most cars, you will only see one person, the driver. We asked ourselves why this should be the case.

What was your answer?

Two factors play a role. On the one hand, people want to be flexible time-wise, i.e. they want to be able to set off from a location at any time. On the other hand, personal space is important. The closer you have to get to a stranger – in a crowded bus, for example – the more unpleasant it is.

What makes the microMAX different?

First of all, we focused on a new concept of space. Standing seats provide a lot of space in a small car with a high roof. You also have to consider our idea in conjunction with new Internet communities: the passengers find each other by means of an app.

What role did Linde Material Handling have in the development?

The design of the electric drive happened very quickly and easily. That’s the way we like to work. Linde's engineers are, quite simply, highly skilled in matters of system inte¬gration. We were also able to benefit from components that have been tried and tested in everyday use. That gave us a high degree of confidence that everything would work in the end. For these reasons, Linde Material Handling was the ideal partner for us.

What does the future hold for e-mobility?

In my view, the “e” also stands for “environmentally-friendly energy”. In the future, we will have to wean transport off oil, in order to save resources. This can only be achieved in a sustainable manner if it is based on electricity obtained from renewable sources.

Further information about the microMax here.


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