Four Factors Will Be Crucial for the Logistics of the Future

Logistics 2030

Four Factors Will Be Crucial for the Logistics of the Future*


Digital information and communications technologies will control movements of people and goods in real time. Geolocation with the Global Positioning System (GPS) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication will guarantee an efficient supply chain with optimized transport times.


Transport resources for people and goods will be shared and therefore utilized more efficiently. Intelligent networks and real-time resource planning will improve capacity management.


Statutory regulation in cities – for example, travel prohibitions for specific types of vehicle – will require new solutions for short-distance traffic. Transports using low-noise and low-emission electric vehicles (EVs) will become standard.


Climate-friendly means of transport with alternative drive systems will reduce the CO2 footprint of goods and services. Dynamic route planning can also benefit the environment by reducing pollution.

*According to “Delivering Tomorrow”, a scenario study for Deutsche Post AG

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